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How Mobile App Development Has Emerged As The Biggest Business Tool In The Internet Age?

You want to excel in this competitive market which is as vast as 582 million people according to the survey of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Hill, 2019-2020) then you are at the right place.

Whenever there is competition, there is a need to stand out of the crowd and create your identity. To understand this concept we need to understand the current business environment in this modern era of rapid changes.

The business environment (Nickels, 2016) comprises of some major areas:

  • The economic and legal environment
  • The technological environment
  • The competitive environment
  • The social environment
  • The global business environment

We will explore the global business environment in terms of “Technological advancement”, where there are some emerging trends to scale-up businesses. In this area “Mobile app development” has played a vital role.

Why mobile apps can be considered as a modern business tool?

According to the Cutcher and Neale accounting and financial services (Top Four Indicators to Measure Business Success, 2016); business is not just about monetary gains it has some major indicators growing network and satisfaction.

Here comes the use of the magical duo “Website and Mobile application”, it’s just the one-step solution to increase your network and outreach, business and customer satisfaction.

Why a mobile app should be made when I have a website?

According to recent statistics, there are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world, and Statista’s survey of 2018 indicates that 23.15 billion devices are working across the globe. And in 2020 the numbers are increasing for obvious reasons.

What positive changes I will observe after developing an app?

  • Your operations within your company can be sorted and you will get real-time updates and statistics.
  • This will amp up customer services through amazing responsiveness and communication.
  • Your brand image will improve and you will have a better projection of your work in the market.
  • You can make an identity and give a tough time to your competitors by using additional tools to improve your business.
  • Additional revenue through app downloads as creating an app through a professional app development agency is a one-time cost.

Will this “Mobile App” help me survive in the modern business market?

The answer is simply “Yes”, as this provides you with an interface that connects you with your customer without any barriers. According to the behavior studies the modern customer is in search of ease, fast service, and better communication and you will cater to all of them.

If you are providing a top-notch product or service, your customer service will help you to create your unique brand positioning in this competitive modern era. You will not need many company surveys to analyze your progress the app insights will do the work for you. Your operational cost will be decreasing with increasing efficiency.


So as we analyzed that the global business market is evolving and incorporating new trends and niches. Therefore to survive in this entrepreneurship sector you need a reliable and trustworthy helping hand which helps you to incorporate all these trends such as “Mobile application” in your business. The agency should be customer-centric and what is better than a company with a vision; “Our success depends on the success of our clients”.

So now your problem is solved and your search is ended to be a successful business which is a tough competition in the competitive market. Jellyfish Technologies will help you expand your paradigms through the best mobile app development services according to your needs, customers, and market segment.

So what more to ask!
Make your wisest business decision, create an app with us, and see the transformation.

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