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Inspiring Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups in 2024

The new year comes with great enthusiasm and ideas for start-ups. The difficult part is deciding on the right idea and creating a product, service, or experience that everyone enjoys.

During the pandemic, consumer behavior shifted dramatically. It made people increasingly dependent on mobile apps. Users now run on network-connected apps and the revenue generation of mobile apps is likely to increase by $936 billion.

There is a multitude of mobile apps in the market but only a few of them are successful. Selecting a great app development company isn’t enough to achieve your aim; you’ll also need a brilliant app idea to instantly be a hit among your target customers.

Before you begin, remember that an innovative app is designed to solve problems or find solutions to difficulties.

Let’s take a look at the top app ideas for a new startup in 2024 and how you can select the right idea.

Top mobile app ideas that entrepreneurs should consider

Here are the top app ideas that you can consider in 2024:

Dropshipping app:

The dropshipping app resolves warehouse and management-related problems. Dropshipping is mainly a process that supplies products directly to the customer. A dropshipping app receives the product order and notifies the manufacturer or wholesaler and the product is then directly shipped to the customer.

The app has many benefits as it saves time, money, and big investments. As an app owner, the quality of goods needs to be assured as everything is done by the manufacturer.

NFT market app:

In the digital world, content is being used to make money as every brand or piece of content on digital platforms is owned by someone. Now the question arises how do people make money from digital content?

Through apps like NFT Marketplace, digital creators can sell or bid on their digital assets. The app is built on a blockchain, which safeguards data and transactions. These apps demand a high level of protection, but they have the potential to grow in popularity in the coming years.

AI-banking solution app:

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to banking would be a whole new experience for customers as well as employees. Imagine a system that records and watches the customer’s pattern of transactions.

In banking, AI would make the job easier, more efficient, and less expensive. Introducing an app that handles a lot of things under one roof can be a fantastic concept for your new business.

No-code app:

No-code apps are becoming increasingly popular in the industry of mobile app development. A no-code app allows you to create an app without knowing how to code. Such apps do not demand the use of IT consulting services; anyone with financial or technical difficulties may easily construct this app. All they need is a great concept to get started.

Delivery/logistics management app:

Automated transportation and handling services in one place ease the workload and reduce time, thanks to technology and digitization.

Developing an application that is user-friendly and handles logistics and delivery management can be very beneficial for businesses.

Let’s look at some benefits of how these apps benefit the market-

  • Removes paperwork
  • Reduces time and cost of delivery
  • Tracks vehicle and assets
  • Helps in asset management

How to develop the right mobile app

1. Ensure your app adds value to customers

Companies sometimes do not evaluate their target audience, needs, or goals of the application. Businesses should consider:

  • Meeting the objectives of the app, assessing all the challenges that can occur, and finding solutions accordingly. This can help provide the right app-based solution to customers.
  • Researching the market and evaluating if any competitors offer a similar product or service. Then identify the unique selling points of your application.
  • Knowing the present challenges and how an innovative style of app development can fix mobile app problems.

2. Prepare the groundwork

The prerequisites need to be decided after deciding what your plan would be. The decision is to be made at 3 levels:

  1. Budget- To make a revolutionary statement, you need to invest different budgets, one for your technology i.e. app development, and the other for your business strategies. The budget can be set according to the market conditions which will help you know when to start developing your app.
  2. Platform- It can be Android, iOS, native, or hybrid. The choice of platform depends on your target audience i.e. the app users. The choice also depends on what device you are launching your app on.
  3. The tech team for your app development will deliver the work on time and within the set budget.

3. Execute: develop, design, and deploy

Now is the time to put your plans into action. Create the app from the user’s point of view. Companies should conduct thorough documentation and UX research, as well as system and UI research.

The majority of the code is written by hand, although Quality Assurance and deployment can be automated. It ensures that the new code does not interfere with the application’s functionality.

4. Prepare a well-defined process of gathering feedback

An app should have a well-defined feedback-gathering process. Various tests should be conducted before the final launch of the app. There are many ways through which the app collects feedback. It ensures that mistakes can be solved or the app can be rebuilt during the testing period.

Wrapping up

There are many mobile app development businesses in the world.

With new ideas and technologies coming in, the digital market is getting bigger day by day and competitors are increasing.

But it’s important to remember that an idea itself is not enough to develop a successful app. As Sue Grafton said “Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.”

Hence, execution and planning also matter with ideas.

Jellyfish Technologies is a team of techies who have 10+ years of experience helping businesses develop their apps, and websites, and providing solutions to make their business successful.

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