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Jellyfish Technologies Is All Set to Thrive By Creating Connected, Scalable, & Intelligent Solutions for Businesses: GoodFirms

Jellyfish Technologies, Founded In 2011 And Based In India, Is A Service-Based Software Development Company That Turns Ideas Into Applications. Our Cross-Functional Team Of Ambitious, Skilled, And Experienced Software Engineers And Designers Assists Clients In Unlocking The Business Value Of Their Businesses In A Timely And Cost-Effective Manner.

Since its inception, Jellyfish Technologies has delivered 250+ projects of different scales and has added 100+ enterprises, startups, and individuals globally, to its clients’ ​lists. Our development headquarters is in Noida, India, and our sales/marketing hub is in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The organization has successfully delivered projects in Insurance, Banking, Fintech, E-commerce, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, and Education fields.

The plot of Jellyfish is the series of stories of its valued clients, who believe in the company’s expertise and imbue them to be their partners. Our name is derived from Turritopsis dohrnii, a jellyfish species that can revert to its early sentient species through cellular differentiation. It evolves into a revamped version of itself.

Jellyfish Technologies employs design, engineering, and technology skills to transform its valued clients’ ideas into unique deployment scenarios created from scratch. Right from web and app development to API development and integration, we’ve expanded to interactive front ends, mobile-first solutions, voice-first solutions, distributed ledger tech, DevOps & cloud, data science & analytics, and tracking solutions.

GoodFirms is an online review portal that assesses the various businesses registered with it to receive daily accreditation. Three criteria are used to determine the value – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Similarly, GoodFirms also valued Jellyfish Technologies and asserted that it would soon lead as one of India’s best mobile app development service providers and the leading app design agencies in Toronto amongst the listed ones. It also claimed that Jellyfish had risen to the top of the mobile app development companies list in Salt Lake City at GoodFirms.

Amit Kumar Pandey, the co-founder and CTO at Jellyfish, is passionate about technology. He takes pleasure in creating tech products and platforms that deliver value.

Jellyfish Technologies is well-known for its prompt delivery, scalable solutions, competitive rates, and dependable customer care. It has a track record of providing scalable, secure, and reliable web-based solutions. The expert web developers’ team offers complete web-based solutions that include UI/UX, front-end development, functionality enhancement, API development & assimilation, back-end development, confidentiality, deployment, and support.

The developers adhere to the agile development process and provide clients with weekly or biweekly builds. Each iteration encompasses client feedback and introduces new app features. Once our implementation matches the client’s vision and defined scope, the project is deployed to the client’s server.

Thus, backed by a team of highly experienced designers, front-end developers, API programmers, and database managers, Jellyfish Technologies would soon become one of the leading software development companies in India at GoodFirms.

Moreover, expert app developers create customer-centric experience designs with pleasant, intuitive, responsive, and seamless user interfaces. They produce highly customized experiences that represent the brand personality.

The app developers also invent interactive mobile apps wrapped inside a native container providing native Android and iOS platform features. The apps developed are responsive and interactive leveraging all their exposed platform features.

Besides this, the professionals make sure that the apps developed are generated from a single codebase, with unparalleled icons, fonts, and input controls utilizing the default UI of native platforms.

Thus, providing such feature-rich and interactive mobile app solutions endows Jellyfish to thrive as one of the best mobile app development companies in Salt Lake City at GoodFirms.

In addition to this, as a mature User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) company, Jellyfish Technologies recognizes that the design of applications impacts their usability and plays an important role in their success or failure.

Our designers pay heed to clients and translate their ideas into creative, artistically pleasing, evolving, and responsive designs that end-users adore. As a result, Jellyfish Technologies develops strongly linked, scalable, and astute solutions for businesses to provide to stakeholders and customers.

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