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Most Profitable AI-based App Ideas For 2021

From virtual voice assistant apps like Siri and Cortana to learning apps like ELSA Speak and Socratic, expense management apps like Fyle, information sharing apps like DataBot and Hound, emotional health assistant apps like Youper, and friendly chatbot apps like Wysa, AI-powered apps have taken the world by storm.


With the constantly increasing demand for AI-based apps, more and more businesses are going for artificial intelligence development to make operations faster and a lot more efficient.

If you are a budding entrepreneur or are looking for some trending AI-based app ideas to expand your already existing business, here are the top 5 app ideas of 2021:

  1. A storytelling AI-based mobile appPix2Story and Charisma apps are two popular storytelling apps that are driven by artificial intelligence.Kids love listening to stories. Thanks to these apps, kids can listen to their favorite stories, books, poems, and whatnot.And no! It isn’t a monotonous dictation.With the power of AI, the app reads things out in a truly storytelling format. This is not just good for entertainment but also for educational purposes.Isn’t this a heart-winning AI app idea?
  1. Intelligent conversation voice assistants and chatbotsSmart conversational interfaces are being used by every leading brand today, from Facebook to Google, Starbucks, CNN, and Sephora, among others. You can revolutionize your customers’ experience and personalize your reach with interactive interfaces.
  2. Real-time roadside car assistance appCar breakdowns are something nobody likes to deal with and yet at some point in time, everyone has to. They’re highly annoying and can spoil the whole excitement of a trip.But AI-based roadside breakdown service apps come in handy at such unfortunate times.An AI-driven roadside car assistance mobile app that lists down the details of reputed car assistance companies in a particular area would make an excellent AI app idea as they’re high in demand.This is just a basic app idea. You can always add your USP to it and personalize it to stand out from your competitors. Annual subscription plans are a popular choice of revenue model for these apps.
  3. A make-up and hair-do try-on appMost people do not bother going out shopping unless they have to. The same is with visiting salons.This has become all the more true in these times of Covid-19.AI-based virtual try-on apps that allow people to try different kinds of makeup products and hairstyles virtually, help make the right shopping choice.Although they are virtual, they give highly real results using face and skin mapping technology. You might even think on the lines of a virtual tattoo, glasses, or nail make-up try-on apps, among others.With virtual try-on apps becoming a huge hit among the US audience, more and more businesses are going for artificial intelligence development.
  4. A home interior design appThe newest and apparently the coolest way to design homes is by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality) based interior designing apps. Homestory AR and Planner 5D are some of the common examples of these apps.These intelligent apps allow you to try out different features (like wallpapers, flooring, etc.) virtually and see how they fit in your home.Hiring interior designers is not only expensive but also proves to be a hassle for many. AI-powered interior design apps enable such people to do home renovations within a short period.This is another AI-based app idea that is apparently going to take the interior design industry to the next level.
AI-Driven Apps: A Boon For Both Users And Businesses

Incredible breakthroughs in the field of AI and ML have allowed us to do things in ways that were never imagined earlier.

Automation of tasks is nothing new to us, but artificial intelligence has gone beyond conventional automation styles. It has enabled machines to make intelligent decisions without human intervention.

Thanks to artificial intelligence development techniques, it has enabled businesses to understand their consumers’ persona, needs, and desires well and accordingly, enhance their communication and make smart marketing decisions.

Tech giants like Amazon evaluate customers’ buying journeys and navigational trails using artificial intelligence. And using an AI-powered recommendation engine, the e-commerce giant recommends relevant products to users. Similarly, Netflix recommends videos that the user is most likely to view.

AI has successfully taken user experience to the next level.


Employing speech recognition, facial recognition, machine learning, IR technology, chatbots, auto-generated responses, object recognition capabilities are some of the best practices of integrating AI in mobile app development.

There are millions of apps available in the world today. Apps that make it big are simply the ones that never fail to follow the latest technology and market trends.

Leading artificial intelligence development services can transform your unique business idea into an AI-based mobile app.

One such AI development company based out of the US is Jellyfish Technologies that specializes in API development & integration, website development, mobile app development, blockchain development, IoT development, design of UI / UX, QA, and digital marketing.

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