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Top Reasons to Use ReactJS for Web Development

With the growing use of the internet, acquiring an online presence is an important key for every business’s success. Thanks to modern technologies and better resources, having an online presence through web pages is easier than ever.

But with numerous frameworks available in the market, choosing one of them is not an easy task and requires in-depth knowledge and research.

In this blog, we will talk about one of the most popular frameworks, ReactJS, and learn about the numerous benefits it provides for web development.

What is ReactJS?

Introduced by Facebook in 2011, ReactJS was made publicly available in 2013. At first, it was rejected by the developer community because it used Markup and JavaScript in a single file. But with time, developers started experimenting with it and soon embraced its component-centric approach for separating concerns. As of now, around 8,712,493 live websites are using React.

According to a survey conducted by the State of Developer Ecosystem (2018), React was found as the most regularly used framework. It was 60% while Vue at 33%, and Angular.JS and Angular at 21% and 20%. Moving forward to 2019, a survey by Stack Overflow Developer, also found out that 74.5% of the developers worldwide prefer using ReactJS development services to design and develop front-end applications.

Benefits of using ReactJS for web development

There are numerous benefits of using ReactJS for web development. Let’s explore some of them:

Exceptional reusability

The statement, “Learn React once and write everywhere” by highlights ReactJS’s reusability. Once a developer learns ReactJS, he can use it on a vast variety of platforms to build quality user interfaces (UI).

ReactJS can be used for different purposes, such as, to create mobile apps, static sites using tools like Gatsby, virtual reality websites and 360 experiences using React VR, and desktop applications using tools like Electron, which can run on both Mac and Windows. Furthermore, it allows web developers to reuse their existing components throughout the application.

Huge library

Because of JavaScript, there are numerous third-party libraries available in ReactJS, such as react-router for navigation, bootstrap for great CSS style and UI design, and react-motion to practice different animation styles.

ReactJS has an open-source library that lets people collaborate and add further improvements. Developers can access various free tools offered by Facebook and other developers. They can also add their improvements and tools to the library.

Virtual DOM

Using Virtual DOM, ReactJS allows web developers to interact with web apps while it is updating. Furthermore, it allows other components to stay unaffected when some changes are made. Whereas other frameworks use real DOM which makes it necessary to load the entire HTML structure after making few changes. This results in slow processing of data transactions, thus affecting the application’s performance.

Virtual DOM makes the process fast and speeds the loading of web pages substantially, which provides a greater experience to the users.


According to a Stack Overflow analysis, ReactJS was the second most popular framework in 2020. Because of being so popular, ReactJS has created a huge community of developers that help create new tools and find solutions to problems, every day. Furthermore, the React team also maintains a blog that consistently gives developers details for each release.

If a developer faces a problem, he can also find answers to their doubts on YouTube and Quora as React experts, regularly solve doubts on QA sites, and upload free React tutorials on YouTube.

Great performance

The need to update DOM makes the whole process slow, but ReactJS minimizes the DOM changes, thereby making the entire process fast and efficient, unlike other frameworks.

It is also less expensive than other frameworks as ReactJS monitors the values of each component’s state with the Virtual DOM. When a component’s state changes, React compares the existing DOM state with what the new DOM should look like which helps to find the least expensive way to update the DOM.

Easy to test

ReactJS requires very little or even no configuration for testing, while testing in other frameworks is a hassle to set up. It allows developers to test React components using the node command-line which makes the whole process fast and easy.


ReactJS is gaining more and more popularity with every passing year. A developer can use it to build various front-end applications such as eLearning modules, large-scale business websites, job portals, business directories, coupon websites, personal portfolios, and forums, among others.

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