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Revolutionizing Product Development: Jellyfish Technologies’ Proven Stages for Success

With advancing technologies and a growing consumer market, introducing new products that meet consumer requirements has been essential for expanding businesses. Therefore, in the face of ever-changing market requirements, businesses are challenged to identify the most suitable product idea and formulate a comprehensive development process.

But before moving to the development stage, certain processes or stages must be established for effective product development. We at Jellyfish Technologies refer to and follow an extensive development process to create products that are innovative, new, and appealing to our clients and their customers.

Read on to learn more about our development process and proven stages for products’ and clients’ success.

Let’s begin!

Idea Generation and Discovery –

We believe that the first step for new product development is idea generation and product discovery. We initiate this step by brainstorming ideas that are respective to our customers and market requirements. We make it essential to have a clear understanding of the problem to develop the right solution.

Another perspective of our idea generation is identifying the target audience and gathering feedback for an effective brainstorming session. This enables our teams to come up with new and innovative product ideas.

At Jellyfish Technologies, we understand that this step is not meant to generate foolproof ideas that are immediately ready for implementation. Rather, our main focus is on discussing raw and unproven ideas that can be shortlisted later on.

Competitive Research –

After brainstorming ideas and deciding on a suitable one, we start with competitive research. During this research, we study similar products available in the market to identify what kinds of features and services they offer, where they excel, and what they lack. This allows us to plan our products and develop what the market needs.

UI/UX Planning –

At Jellyfish Technologies, we believe in keeping the user’s perspective as a top priority while developing a technological product. Throughout the design process, we make sure that our UI/UX services are human-centric, engaging, interactive, and provide a seamless experience to the user.

Our focus is on designing products that offer seamless navigation and guidance to users, facilitating them in achieving their intended objectives. Moreover, we strive to strike a balance between creativity and functionality, resulting in innovative yet user-friendly products that garner recognition.

Ultimately, our aim is to create new products that effectively address customer issues with ease and convenience as the top priority.

Product Development –

Following the ideation and planning phases, the development stage marks the point where the product comes to life, and we begin testing its functionality. Throughout this phase, we strive to bring the idea to reality for users while maintaining flexibility to update and improve the product as we progress.

Jellyfish Technologies places great value on teamwork during new product development. A skilled and cross-functional team works together, using effective communication and collaboration to function with agility and deliver the product within the given time frame. This ensures maximum efficiency in developing the solution and maintaining high-quality standards that align with customer and client expectations.

Feedback –

After the development, we run the product in the market to gather feedback for improvements. The real insights from the users enable us to look for major spots that require work and upgrades for more flexibility and usability.

We believe feedback is the best way to smoothen the rough edges of the product and make it more user-friendly with innovative features. Additionally, it enables our developers to identify user needs and update the product accordingly.


These are the stages/steps, we follow throughout our development process to bring the product to life in its best way and create unmatched customer value. We firmly believe that these processes help the digital product attain commercial success.

Furthermore, our expert teams are dedicated to excellence in product development, and our core values empower our clients to innovate and redefine digital experiences and build high-quality digital products.

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