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Top 7 Features For Customer Survey Software

To gather accurate data, you’ll need quality survey software with features that make your job as well as the people who fill out your survey easier.

In the market, there are different types of survey research methods and software. Picking the right software is not an easy choice, so in this article, we’ll go over some essential survey software aspects that you should cover in your next survey.

1. Question routing

Instead of reading through every question and writing not applicable in the answer, the survey should present conditional questions based on their response.

For example, if the interviewer has marked the services as “fully satisfied,” it is pointless to ask questions like “what are the drawbacks?”

As a result, the framing of questions should be based on the answers provided by the interviewer.

2. User-friendly set-up

The interviewee prefers straightforward, short questions to answer easily so that the survey can be completed quickly. Thus, you must craft your survey in a way that allows users to understand questions and fill out answers effortlessly and quickly. To ensure this, make sure you set up your survey with simple drag-and-drop options and templates.

3. Multichannel audit

Your survey software must allow your surveys to be accessible across different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, among others. Your users should receive these surveys via various mediums such as social media, email, embedded over a website, etc.

4. Internationalism

Including translation features in a variety of languages will help your research receive more answers. The translation can then be examined after being imported and exported as a CSV file.

5. Built-in navigation, multi-page survey, and validation rules
  • Calculation within the survey- The built-in calculation feature calculates the numeric data and displays the result using the information given by the users. This survey research method makes it simple to record the value of the answers.
  • Validation rules- Preparing mandatory questions to answer and adding mandatory signs during the formatting of the survey can be helpful to get an answer to every question.
  • Multi-Page survey and navigation- With the multi-page survey, you can navigate between the tabs in a sequential manner, and the progress bar will display how much of the survey is being completed, the current page number, etc.
6. Secure data exchange and storage

Software that provides safety and security is a value-added point of your research. Using this method, you can secure the link to your survey, as well as the link to your finished survey report that contains all of the results. Additionally, it secures the survey links from infections caused by cookies.

7. Distribution automation

It automatically distributes the survey or form to the listed contacts. It conducts a safe and secure distribution among the contacts and provides a smooth transfer survey method for your research. Survey distributors can automate the task to the software, which finishes your task efficiently.


Choosing the right survey tool is not as easy as it seems. Your survey software reflects how your company deals with customer feedback. Thus, making it engaging and attractive can be beneficial for your organization.

Have you heard about “The more, the merrier”? It means, to do a little extra to reach the end goal, and for an organization, the end goal is to satisfy the customer and solve their problems.

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