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UI/UX Design: Why It Is Important For Businesses

Every business wants to be the first to engage potential customers. Since their websites are the foremost engaging tool, they must be attractive enough to catch the eye of customers. It is here that UI/UX design comes into play.

Over the years, UI/UX design services have helped create web pages that fulfill business goals, but often these terms are confused with one other.

Let’s understand the difference between these terms.

User Interface (UI) is all about the website’s look. It includes visual elements like screen pages, buttons, and icons that a customer comes across surfing the website.

User Experience (UX) acts as a skeleton of any application or website. It focuses on improving the overall experience of the user, providing maximum satisfaction. The right combination of UI and UX design services can take a business to great heights.

Importance of UI/UX design

Builds your brand: UI/UX plays an important role in building a company’s brand. A company’s website, being the first thing a customer comes across, needs to be appealing and desirable. With the help of UI, a company can build a website that would represent its goals and services. Whereas, UX ensures that the user faces no problem in using the website.

No user likes a slow website or one with dull colors and zero engaging power. UI/UX design services ensure that nothing like this happens while making a website free of errors and ensuring that the right colors and fonts are used.

A company’s website is the company’s first impression and the right UI/UX practice helps in making it a lasting one.

Increases sales and ensures growth: The primary goal of any business is to increase sales, thus ensuring its growth. A company’s website has a huge role to play in this.

In this time of competition, a website should be capable of capturing the consumer’s eyes in a very short time, thereby providing them with the best user experience. UI/UX design companies focus on providing what the customer is looking for with the ultimate goal of building the trust and confidence of the user in the company. This helps increase sales and Return on Investment (ROI).

Understands the audience: UI/UX focuses on developing a website that would fulfill the needs of the target audience. For example, a cosmetic company would include photos and recommendations of popular influencers to target their followers.

UI/UX design services help understand the needs of the targeted audience. Therefore, it is important to develop a web page that includes elements that the target audience would find useful, making them long-time loyal customers.

Key components of UI/UX design

Structure: UI/UX ensures that the website’s structure fulfills both functional and content requirements. The functional requirement, also known as Interaction design, is concerned with developing a conceptual design for the website with which the customer interacts. It includes elements like icons, fonts, colors, images, sound, etc.

The content requirement, also known as Information architecture (IA), focuses on providing easy navigation on every browser and ensuring that all elements are placed correctly.

Engagement: The desirability of a website directly affects its engagement. UI/UX aims to make a website desirable, easy to use, while at the same time, providing a better user experience.

Accessibility: UI/UX designs ensure that the website or application is accessible on all devices at all times to prevent customers from going to a different website.

Usability: A website should be user-friendly in a way that it can be accessed by both normal and differently-abled users alike.

Credibility: A company’s website should only display products and services offered by the company to maintain customer’s trust in the company.


Being an owner of a business in today’s time requires you to be ahead in every possible way. Since UI/UX plays an important role in creating a company’s reputation and providing maximum user satisfaction, using it would keep you ahead in many ways.

As UI/UX has become a crucial part of a company’s success, therefore, UI/UX designers should always be updated with the target audience’s preferences to provide whatever they are looking for on your website. At the same time, they should develop a website or an application that can be easily accessed and used efficiently.

Leading UI/UX designing company, based out of Salt Lake City, like Jellyfish Technologies, understand that the design of an application not only affects its accessibility but also plays an important part in its success, thus providing the best UI/UX services across the globe.

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