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What Companies Should Do in Wake of Omicron Variant?

As the news gathers about the new COVID variant OMICRON, companies have started to reconsider work-from-office situations. It is a realization that the pandemic will continue in the year 2022. Employees are thinking about how they can manage to keep the workspace safe and meet expectations.

According to BBC reports, the new variant is quite different from others, and scientists have stated Omicron to be “horrific”.

On the other hand, with the help of the digital transformation, people have learned to deal with pandemics by going about their daily lives and working remotely in the most efficient way possible

Let’s take a closer look at how pandemics have changed the way of work and how companies should respond to the pandemic in 2022.

How the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the world’s digital revolution

Before the pandemic, companies were just beginning to notice the changes brought on by technology and the benefits that it would bring in the future but after the pandemic, employees have also evolved with technological advancements.

People started to realize the power of technology, and now the digital revolution ushered in new technology and innovation by moving ahead of time.

As now the situation has started to ease, companies have become accustomed to working remotely because technology has made it easier to work from home. The demand for outsourcing has increased as the situation got different. With the world becoming increasingly digital, security concerns have developed, leading many businesses to engage in digital security services.

Additionally, advances in software services have made it easier to protect the privacy and secrecy of organizational operations.

How could businesses strike a balance between work and safety?

Promote Vaccination

Work from the office needs to consider the vaccination drive among the employees. Lots of studies suggest that vaccinated people are twice as safe as unvaccinated people. Promoting vaccinations can help prevent diseases and will also help fight the pandemic in 2022. Companies should mandate the rule of vaccination when working from the office.

Maintain Social Distancing

Remote working allows people to maintain social distance more easily, but as more organizations provide work from office options, the demand for additional safety and preventive measures has grown. Employees can now regulate social distancing at work, and enforcing new regulations such as “Only four individuals are allowed in the room at a time” can help to keep the measures in place.

Consider Working Remotely

The new variant’s severity and at what instinct it will affect the immune system is unknown. Working from the office would hamper the state of employees as its effects on the body are still under investigation.

Hence, companies should allow employees to work remotely until more information about the variant is known. As we discussed earlier, the digital revolution made working remotely flexible and efficient, so delaying the employees’ return for a few more months can reduce the risk of spread.

Promote Safety Precautions

The US center for disease-control and prevention says that wearing a mask reduces the chances of getting infected. Wearing a mask indoors can help reduce the transmission and employees can stay safe if vaccinated or not. Prevention from viruses and germs can also be done by washing or sanitizing hands regularly.

Hence, taking these small steps can help employees to protect themselves in the workspace.

Conduct Testing For Employees

Transmission can be avoided by doing testing drives before starting work from the office. Companies should collect Covid test reports before employees join the office, or perform antigen testing at offices to ensure there are no cases on the premises.


The pandemic is not ending anytime soon so employees need to be vigilant and cope up with the situation. No doubt the digital revolution has made things easier but a lot of things are being missed. Companies should provide the best solution to employees working from home. The shift in the digital world has also made us learn new things.

We at Jellyfish Technologies are taking all the precautionary measures to keep our employees safe and healthy. Our team is already ahead with the digital revolution and providing the best services to help other businesses grow.

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