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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile Application


In recent years, the craze for mobile applications has gone beyond and over. One chief reason is the convenience they add to lives. Furthermore, they ease the process of navigating a brand’s application and bring users closer to a business and its services. 

Since startups have to penetrate through the impressive presence of established businesses in the competitive market, mobile applications come as a great weapon to achieve this. Furthermore, mobile applications are proving to be the best interface to connect a maximum number of users in a most desirable and friendly manner. Additionally, smartphones are becoming a popular device to access any information on the net, and extraordinary mobile applications are the future of small businesses. 

According to Statista, the market revenue for mobile application development is estimated to reach US$ 234.70 billion by 2028. It signals a trend where startups are making the right move by developing their own branded application. 

A mobile application unlocks large avenues for businesses to be innovative and offer unique features to users to attract more customers. As per Statista, the number of mobile applications that will be downloaded from the Google Play Store will reach 143 billion and that of the Apple App Store will be 38 billion in 2026. It signifies the prominence of mobile app development in the upcoming time. 

Remember the downloadable software, Evernote, a task-management and note-taking software, launched in 2011. Its desirability skyrocketed since then because it added value to customers’ lives. They enjoyed features they didn’t find elsewhere with a convenient mobile application. 

So, here we are discussing why startups need to build a mobile application and kick a good start. Let’s understand the benefits of a mobile application for startups.

Reasons for Developing a Mobile Application for Startups

There are many reasons to develop a competitive mobile application that meets the needs of customers and startups. From increasing accessibility to enhancing customer experience, mobile app development service providers allow users to closely interact with businesses with engaging interfaces. Furthermore, a well-designed app provides a direct marketing channel, competitive advantage, and increased brand awareness to startups helping their growth in the long run. 

Provide Easy Access to Users

Smartphones are portable devices offering an exclusive range of conveniences compared to personal computers or laptops. This comfort is not available from huge and lofty digital devices while commuting, such as personal computers and laptops. For example, a user can navigate an e-commerce website through a mobile application even while commuting. 

Mobile applications help in bolstering the client base for businesses in the earliest phases. E-commerce mobile applications allow customers to purchase utilities or avail services conveniently. These can assist startups in generating abounding opportunities by being accessible to millions of service seekers worldwide. Becoming a renowned brand in no time is plausible with mobile applications for startups.  

benefits of Mobile Application for Startups

Increase Business Visibility

Suppose, there is an incredible application available in app stores integrated with tremendous features but it’s not discovered yet by users visiting the store. This gap leads to an unbelievable loss of revenue and missing opportunities to acquire customers because users might be opting for a discoverable mobile application for the services they need. 

Various techniques, such as strategic marketing methods, such as online advertisements, app store optimization, influencer marketing, and email marketing increase a brand’s discoverability on social media and other platforms. It promotes more downloads, drives more user acquisition, increases online visibility, and multiplies overall revenue generation for startups— a dire requisite for startups’ growth. 

Enhance User Experience

An interactive mobile application interface helps users to connect with the application without a hitch. Customers prefer a comfortable and engaging user experience, better navigation, and targeted search experience from mobile applications. A well-crafted UI/UX renders all at once to ameliorate user experience. The incredible UI/UX combined with the portability of smartphones produces a never-going-back experience for customers. 

The UI/UX goes beyond the functionality of the application. It promotes more user engagement and overall customer satisfaction besides providing the relevant services. 

Startups implement the power of alluring visual elements that entice users from afar. Better aesthetic qualities (images, buttons, checkboxes, and text) make users’ experience pleasant. Furthermore, an immersive interaction with an application is bound to call back the users to the same brand. According to Capgemini’s study— “A Disconnected Customer: What Digital Customer Experience Leaders Teach Us About Reconnecting with Customers”, approximately 81% of internet users are willing to pay extra to gain a more engaging user experience. 

Capture Customer Insights 

Customers’ preferences for mobile applications at the place of web applications give rise to more customer engagement and more data collection. The intelligence in terms of buyers’ preferences, interaction duration, information provided, and feedback can be effectively used to draw insights and tailor future strategies, products, and services to suit users’ needs. Optimized future marketing plans and strategies help create more opportunities to capitalize on and drive more revenue. 

Mobile applications are preferred more than web applications due to convenient accessibility. It nurtures more customer loyalty and improves a business’s referral rates. Additionally, these insights facilitate profit-generating strategy adjustments to transform a business idea into a more lucrative one. 

For startups, these insights are highly valuable. Advanced practices such as analytics can turn around their journey to the pinnacle by guiding them in tailoring suitable approaches that meet their business goals. 

Improve Customer Engagement

According to the eMarketer, a person in the US spends an average of 4 hours on the internet with 88% of the time being spent on mobile apps and the rest on mobile browsers, indicating a huge fascination toward mobile applications and the user experience it provides. 

More accessibility, less maintenance, convenience, high portability, push notifications, better personalization, and capacity to run offline are unmatched tendencies that effortlessly attract customers. This information helps in leveraging user data capabilities and increases the potential of businesses to capitalize. 

Build Brand Recognition

Businesses nowadays use the power of mobile application marketing to boost their brand recognition. Mobile application marketing is more capable and cost-effective than traditional marketing methods, such as TV and radio advertisements, or print advertising. 

Brand recognition is essential to acquire new customers. Marketing and other advertising activities guarantee more recognition of the brand by users with logos, slogans, taglines, and jingles rather than compelling visitors to remember the bland business name. 

Startups too can employ the benefits of shrewd strategies to display brand elements on suitable platforms to expand the horizons of their presence online and capture more recognition and attention seamlessly. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage

It’s not only about owning a mobile app but about satisfying customers in a better way. Mobile applications and their marketing can help in building stronger brand recognition than the competitors bridled to traditional marketing methods. It provides a competitive advantage to survive better than business rivals. 

A mobile application acts as another sales and marketing channel for a startup, assisting them in staying ahead of the competition and diverting their prospective customers toward themselves. It helps in promoting new brand activities, like campaigns or offers, promotes discounts and offers, and resolves customer queries instantly, leaving no scope for clefts in customer satisfaction and competitive excellence. 

Boost Revenue Generation

Mobile applications with intriguing features and excellent services are installed and entertained more. Due to their influential appeal, more installations and purchases downright impact revenue generation. 

Mobile applications have simplified the entire process of purchasing unlike shopping from brick-and-mortar stores or buying from personal computers. Today, smartphones are becoming the gateways to virtual stores that are no less the physical outlets.   

Different ways of incentivizing in-app purchases, such as promoting exclusive promotions and discounts. Readily generating coupons can keep the customers hooked to brands. It may work as fuel for startups and boost their revenue like wildfire. 

Improve Customer Service

Mobile applications have transformed the overarching journey of customer service. Customized platforms ensure shorter request and response times for customers. It fosters a seamless user experience and higher satisfaction. 

Responsive customer service increases the accessibility, speed, and proximity of customers to the brand. The attentive customer service convinces customers to believe they are remembered and embraced forever. It builds a strong bond between customers and startups, mutually benefitting each other. 

startup journey with brilliant app

Reach a Wider Audience

When compared, mobile devices are easier to operate and more economical options to access the net. Furthermore, top-notch accessibility from anywhere adds another feather to its golden hat.

Mobile applications help in building customer loyalty and furnish an understanding between customers and the brand. They deliver a portable and more enjoyable experience filled with superlative and convenient features and services that are challenging to derive from traditional heavy-set devices like personal computers or laptops. Therefore, mobile applications are must-haves for startups to attain more popularity and reputation in no time. 

The Bottom Line

In the ever-dynamic digital landscape, mobile applications, and marketing on mobile apps are emerging as fabulous approaches to expand the reach to maximum clients. When we discuss startups, their importance becomes manifold because mobile apps not only act as another channel for marketing and more business but they offer a pathway to stay close to their users and stay abreast of their preferences.

And today, it is not so arduous to build a mobile app from scratch. The history is full of examples of how one mobile application helped iconic brands overcome the revenue and recognition loss incurred by the pandemic.

Where the idea of getting a mobile application for your startup may be interesting, its accomplishment is almost implausible without tech professionals. For further throttle in mobile application development, a proficient mobile application development agency can ease the search for a reliable comrade. Jellyfish Technologies holds excellent standards for mobile application development to take your business to the next level and make it the next celebrated brand. 

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