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Top reasons to choose Xamarin for Cross Platform App Development

Today, working day and night is not enough for making a business successful. With hard work, incorporating the use of technology for gaining that extra success has become very important.

Having a mobile application is no longer a choice but has become a necessity for every business. According to Hubspot, 51 % of users say they discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphones, thereby indicating how having a mobile application can change the pace of business success.

Thinking about developing an app for your business is easy but the problem arises when you need to decide on the development tool. This brings us to the crux of this article: why you should use Xamarin for Cross-Platform App Development?

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is amongst the most popular cross-platform app development tools that allow app developers to share up to 90 % of code across major platforms. It is a Microsoft product that already has a community of over 1.4 million Xamarin developers.

It uses a single language C#, to create apps for all mobile platforms and is based on the .NET framework. Furthermore, by using Xamarin you can build a high-performance app with a native look and feel, as it is natively compiled.

It is the best option for anyone looking for developing a cross-platform app that provides a native-like user experience.

6 reasons to choose Xamarin for cross-platform app development

1. Fast development process:

Developing a cross-platform app using Xamarin requires the developer to write only one code logic that is reused for all targeted platforms be it iOS or Windows.

Writing only one code saves much of the app developer time and effort which can be utilized in other app development processes. Furthermore, it is very easy for developers to build an app on Xamarin as the C# and .NET-based framework is quite reliable.

App testing on Xamarin is not long and tiring like other apps as Xamarin test cloud allows the testing of applications on the cloud, making the process simpler, shorter, and faster.

2. Easy cross-platform implementation:

Using a single language makes it easy for cross platforms implementation as the general codes written by a developer for different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows are linked to native APIs for each platform by Xamarin.

Apps built on Xamarin are easy to maintain and update as changes in the source file will automatically reflect at all platforms, instead of making separate changes in every platform.

3. Few codes, fewer bugs:

An app developer doesn’t need to write different codes while developing on Xamarin which allows a lesser number of errors and bugs.

Xamarin provides the best testing options which eliminate the risk of having errors even more. It allows the testing of applications directly in the cloud and on multiple devices and developers can validate code for each platform by writing just one set of tests.

4. Security at its best:

A Xamarin is a kind of app development tool that not only is fast but also provides top-class security as Xamarin comes with deep integration with the cloud (Azure).

The Azure comes with highly secure HTTP certificates, ensuring a secure connection between apps and cloud data. Furthermore, Azure developers provide authentication services that can securely combine social media logins with the backend.

5. High performance:

Apps made using Xamarin have a high-quality design and performance rate. Xamarin uses its own studio and Microsoft studio to create the best UI designs.

Xamarin can create an app that provides a native-like user experience while being a cross-platform app, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Xamarin, unlike other cross-platform development tools, doesn’t hide the uniqueness of different platforms, instead embraces it, thus creating a native-like look and experience.

6. Flexibility and availability:

Being an open-source platform, the codes can be easily altered according to the requirements. Furthermore, Xamarin provides unrestricted access to native APIs, thus allowing to create apps with platform-specific experiences.

Coming to apps developed on Xamarin’s availability, it is backed by the Microsoft Azure ecosystem that offers reliable cloud-based data synchronization, allowing you to use the app even when not connected to the internet.

Wrapping Up

By now it must be clear that if you are developing a cross-platform application then Xamarin is the best development tool for you.

Xamarin is amongst the most used development tools, known for creating apps according to your requirement, without much hustle. If you are thinking of creating a cross-platform app for your business, Jellyfish Technologies can surely help you with that.

Jellyfish Technologies is a reliable app development company, known for its timely delivery, scalable solutions, competitive pricing, and reliable customer service.

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