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Top 6 App Ideas For Travel and Tourism Industry

What is the one thing that keeps everyone going?

You must be thinking, it must be our family or the responsibilities but the truth is, it’s the future travel plans which get us through the tough week in the office.

Everyone eagerly waits for the time when they can finally board the plane with a coffee and a book in their hands or the moment when they book a cab that takes them away from all their day-to-day worries. Be under the sun, hearing the sound of waves crashing or the birds chirping while enjoying the scenic mountain view from their hotel.

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about the different technologies that have transformed travel. From booking flights to exploring your travel destination, there is an app for everything. It’s been recorded that nearly two-thirds of travelers rely on mobile apps during their trips. According to Travel Agent Central,  on average, U.S. leisure travelers use 7-8 apps throughout their searching, booking, and in-destination travel experience, with maps (52%), weather (51%), and branded airlines (50%) topping their list of most widely used apps.

The travel app development industry is booming and if you are thinking about creating a travel app, this is the right time to invest in it.

If you are not sure about which travel app idea to go with, here are some of the top app ideas you can choose from.

Let’s dig in!

Best travel app ideas for your startup

  • App for saving and planning for the trip –
    People encounter situations where they plan to go on a trip but back out at the last moment because they weren’t able to save enough money for it.To resolve this problem, you can build an app where the user can create and manage a cost-saving itinerary. Furthermore, they can plan and save their preferred options such as airline tickets or hotels and get notified whenever there is a discount or a price drop.
  • App for travel-related payments –
    This app can be digitally equipped with network-ready travel cards which would allow users to make payments, share contacts, or book rides while traveling to distant locations.This app could also help users avoid the hassle of making payments using different sources by using one card for everything. This way users can keep track of every penny they spent on their trip as well as get deals from partnered hotels, restaurants, airlines, or cab services.
  • App for socializing for travelers –
    Before going on a trip, every traveler has numerous doubts. It could be related to his stay, best traveling route, or mode of transportation. You can leverage this problem and convert it into an opportunity by building an app exclusively for travelers around the globe and helping them stay connected with each other.This app can act as a platform where they can discuss their past traveling experience, ask questions, clear each other’s doubts, share images, reviews, and itineraries.
  • App for guiding travelers –
    A tour guide app can provide detailed information about a city and its multiple locations as well as sights to the tourists. The same app can also provide details about the local cuisines and the particular experiences travelers should try.The app, apart from telling the must-visit places, history of locations, tickets, and other information, can also show a list of exquisite restaurants and their delicacies.
  • App for language help –
    Communicating with people while traveling to places with different spoken languages is always a problem. But it can be resolved by building apps through which users can communicate with natives using features like voice-over and voice translation.This app could also offer features like scanning an image and converting the text within the image into a traveler’s native language. It would be more helpful if the app offers offline access to translation features for travelers on the go.
  • App for understanding local public transportation –
    Using public transportation in a new city is always a hectic task. No one can understand how the whole system works and usually end up paying way more than the required amount.This is where your app can be put into use. It can help tourists understand the whole public transportation system by providing information about services like car-sharing, bike for hire, inter-district or inter-state bus travel facilities, and their arrival and departure timings.


The travel and tourism industry has grown emphatically over the years. According to World Travel And Tourism Council,  It is currently at $ 147.7 billion and is expected to increase further to an estimated $ 260.5 billion in the next decade.

The direct contribution of travel and tourism to global GDP amounted to just under 2,893 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. In contrast, the total contribution to GDP worldwide in 2019 was just over 9,258 billion U.S. dollars, according to Statista. 

These figures are sufficient to indicate that the travel and tourism business has a prosperous and profitable future. If you are thinking of investing in building an app for travelers, now is the best time to go forward with it.

Confused about the app development process, maybe our experts can help you with that.

Jellyfish Technologies has developed numerous mobile apps for global clients across diverse domains, such as social media, micro-finance, sports & leisure, e-commerce, productivity, and fitness, among others.

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