Assessment is a vital exercise to monitor individual and collective efforts.

Every organization needs to assess its employees regularly to identify skill gaps. To simplify this assessment, Jellyfish technologies wanted to develop their product that could be used for technical evaluation of their employees and could be sold as a service to other organizations. Existing solutions were quite expensive and didn’t have all the required features.

Requirements & Challenges

The solution was intended to be a cloud-based platform with a web and a mobile interface. Following were the key challenges:

Key Challenges:

  • The platform should be generic in design and customer-specific in implementation, i.e. it should support the needs of different customers without providing them with unnecessary features.
  • It should have support for different types of questions and question banks.
  • Customers should be able to change themes according to their needs.
  • It should have comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities.
  • It should have built-in eCommerce support.
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Our Solution

After finalizing the product’s requirements, we developed the following solution:

  • An app-based architecture was designed to implement optional and industry-specific features as apps on the platform.
  • Support for different question types was implemented as plugins.
  • Themes were made configurable so that customers could change them according to their needs.
  • Configuration based reporting was implemented.
  • Ecommerce support was implemented as an optional app.

Key Benefits

  • Different customers can enable different apps on the platform according to their needs.
  • Reduced costs for customers, since they only pay for the features they require
  • Extensible design as new features and questions can be added like apps and plugins
  • Customers can monetize their question banks as the platform has integrated support for eCommerce.
  • Customers can evaluate the performance of test-takers in tests using comprehensive reports.
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App-based architecture, plugin-based question types, and configurable themes resulted in a generic product that could be customized according to the needs of different customers.