Hi, I would like to share few advanced things about ckeditor.If you want some basic knowledge and how to install it, go to its home page. CK Editor

1. If you want to use more than one ckeditor on a single page then name must differ.

2. If you want to edit a form on gsp and you are going to call edit from jquery then first you need to delete first one and then add new ckeditor on page.

There is a method that call an ajax to edit any page. Here your editor either will not show or show in random manner. This is happen because when you load content via remoteLink then a new CKEditor will generate with same name, but old one is still here. That create a conflict.

To remove this bug you need to remove old ckeditor first then call new one.for remove old ckeditor we use jquery.
e.g. we have this ckeditor.

now you need call a delete jquery in head of html on same page.

3. You can customize your toolbar using config of ckeditor. You can write it in script. Here is the syntax.

And you can use this customized toolbar in your edit like this.

It’s just an example. If you are going to use custom toolbar then it will only show the content whatever you have defined in config.
for more toolbar options you can visit here.
Toolbar for CKEditor
4. For spell check we use ‘Scayt’ in toolbar that provide functionality of spell check. But it has a draw back that for spell check we need to click on a button. If you want to make default spell checker then you should add this syntax.

It took me a while to get around with these few glitches so I thought of sharing my experience with everyone. Feel free to share your views in comments.