Hey Guys!  In this blog post I am going to explain in detail about  javascript variables,

Javascript variables are containers that holding pieces of data.

There are three keywords used when declaring the variable in Javascript, namely,var let and.const They follow this pattern or syntax.

Javascript variables are dynamic typing means

that they can change from one data type to another. Below, the variable technology change from string to number and then boolean.

Three ways of declaring variables

=> var

This was the only way to declare variable before ES6. Here you can declare the same variables more than one time and can be updated.

If you declare variable inside the block statement, the variable will leak outside.

=> let and const

let and const are the new ways for declaring variables introduced in ES6. In let and const you cannot declare the variable twice.

In most case let and const are almost same, the only difference I known, const cannot be updated but let can.

The variable is not leaked outside of the block statement if you use let or const.

When to use var, let and const

Always use const when declaring variable, use only let when you want update the variable. var shouldn’t be used in ES6 and above.

I hope you will find this blog useful. Please comments to make it even more better.