In this blog I will going to provide the step to setup your own git server on Ubuntu.
For doing the same we have to install the couple of package.

  1. Setup Git
  2. Using following command we can install Git

    sudo apt-get install git-core
  3. Create new user
  4. We can create a new user using

    root@localhost:~# sudo adduser
    --shell /bin/bash
    --gecos 'git version control'
    --home /home/git git

    Here we have disabled the password because we will access using ssh key.

  5. Generate SSh Key
  6. We can generate ssh key using

    ssh-keygen -t rsa -f gitolite

    or we can use old one.

  7. Copy your public key to git user account
  8. Now we have to copy the public key name to git user using

    sudo cp ~/.ssh/ /home/git/

    and change the owner of using

    sudo chown git:git /home/git/
  9. Setup Gitolite
  10. Now we have to setup the Gitolite in git user. We have to login in system using git user using

    sudo su - git

    Now we have to install to Gitolite using

    git clone git://

    We will install it in the git user’s home directory under “~/bin”, so we first create this directory using

    mkdir bin

    Now change dir to cloned gitolite and install it using

    gitolite/install -to /home/git/bin

    Now we will upload to gitolite so the user how have this public key can commit and push the changes. We will do it using

    /home/git/bin/gitolite setup -pk

    We are done with installation. Exit from git using using

  11. Take control
  12. Here Git controlling git. Let’s download the gitolite-admin from our newly created git repository using

    git clone git:gitolite-admin

    Change dir to gitolite-admin and execute the ls command and you will find there 2 directory named conf and keydir.
    Now we are ready to manage the git server manually or programmatic .
    Open the gitolite.conf file and start creating user. You can see the config in file like

    repo    gitolite-admin
    RW+     =   local
    repo    testing
    RW+     =   @all
    repo    jellyfishgitrepo
    RW+     =   jellyfish

    Here I have create a new repo named “jellyfishgitrepo” and provide the read and write access and jellyfish is the name of public key. you have to create a public key name and put it in keydir and push it to server. Once we have pushed it successfully to gitolite it will create a new repository and provide access to user who have

    I hope that gives you a good overview of how to install gitolite.