I recently downloaded Playstation 1 Emulator:PCSX on my PC and few PS roms like Tekken, Spider-man etc. and these games worked smoothly giving around 50-60 fps at 1366*768 resolution. I wondered whether my integrated graphics card can run PS2 rom games as smoothly as PS games(Using PS2 Emulator:PCSX2) as PS2 games are quite graphic intensive. To test my graphics card performance I needed a tool.

Test GPU’s performance on Linux:-

On Linux there aren’t many tools for benchmarking GPU, but after spending some time on searching, I came across glmark2 tool. It is a powerful tool for benchmarking GPU’s.

To install glmark2 simply type:-

Once it is installed, start the graphics card test by typing “glmark2”. It will open up a window to test different aspects of computer graphics like phong shading, gourand shading etc.

I ran the test 2 times, first time my score was 655 and the second time it was 633. It is a decent score for playing less graphic intensive games at maximum settings but not enough to play more graphic intensive game. A score greater than 1000 is desirable.

I have an integrated graphics card which are low in performance,it doesn’t have its own memory but utilize RAM. Whereas, A dedicated GPU has its own video memory and is far better in terms of performance than integrated graphics card.

To check your graphics card use the following command:-

That was all!