Google Cloud Platform: Why Should You Choose It?

Do you know how much data is generated per day?

Let’s go through some statistics:

  • According to techjury,  every person in 2020 generated 1.7 megabytes in just a second.
  • Another stats by techjury  claims that Internet users generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.
  • A report by Techcrunch  suggests that WhatsApp users exchange up to 100 billion messages a day.
  • According to The Conversation,  In 2018, the total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world was 33 zettabytes (ZB), the equivalent of 33 trillion gigabytes. This grew to 59ZB in 2020 and is predicted to reach a mind-boggling 175ZB by 2025.

You must be wondering where exactly this data goes? Well, thanks to cloud computing, companies can securely save and manage their data.

Cloud computing allows companies to rent storage space instead of investing heavily in databases, software, and hardware. The cloud computing host secures, manages, and maintains the servers and associated infrastructure. Companies then opt to access their computing power via the Internet or the cloud and pay for it as they use it.

Today, there are numerous cloud computing providers available in the market such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. In this blog, we will talk about Google Cloud and explore the numerous advantages of choosing this cloud platform over others.

Let’s begin with the introduction of the Google Cloud.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Launched in 2008, Google Cloud has taken the cloud computing market by a storm. In just a few years it has established a good customer base. Companies such as PayPal, Twitter, Airbus are some of the industry leaders that trust Google cloud with their data.

Google cloud provides secure and highly scalable Google cloud computing services. These services help clients compute and store data, and help developers build, test, and deploy apps. It also covers application, storage, and cloud computing services for backend, mobile, and web solutions using the Internet.

According to the latest Canalys data,  Cloud infrastructure services spending increased 36 percent to $47 billion in Q2 2021 while Google Cloud grew 66 percent in the latest quarter and accounted for an 8 percent market share.

Services provided by the Google Cloud Platform

Services offered by the Google Cloud Platform can be categorized into seven categories: Compute, Networking, Storage and Databases, AI and ML, Big Data, Identity and Security, and Management Tools.

Within these categories, some of the top services are:

ComputeNetworkingStorage and DatabasesAI and MLBig DataIdentity and SecurityManagement Tools
Compute engineGoogle Cloud Virtual NetworkCloud StorageCloud Machine LearningBig QueryGoogle Cloud IAMStackdriver
App EngineCloud Load BalancingCloud SQLCloud Vision APICloud DataflowCloud Resource ManagerDeployment Manager
Container EngineCloud CDNBigtableCloud Speech APIDataprocCloud Security ScannerCloud Shell
Container RegistryGoogle Cloud InterconnectCloud DatastoreNatural Language APICloud DatalabGoogle Cloud Billing API
Cloud FunctionsCloud DNSCloud SpannerTranslate APIGoogle Genomics
Cloud Pub/SubPersistent Disk
Cloud Source Repositories

Advantages of choosing the Google Cloud platform

  • 01. Pricing scheme –
    With Google Cloud, companies only need to pay for the compute time they use as it bills in minute-level increments. Furthermore, Google cloud provides numerous discounts and bonuses for long-running workloads with no up-front commitmentThis pricing scheme makes Google Cloud a perfect choice for startups and companies looking to cut costs.
  • 02. Quick collaboration –
    Many users can contribute to and access projects at the same time as data is stored in the cloud instead of their computers.
  • 03. Control and flexibility –
    Users have control over technology and also ownership over their data in Google apps. If in the future, they decide to not use the service anymore, they can take their data out of the Google cloud.
  • 04. Top-notch security –
    There are greater than 500 security experts employed by Google to make sure that data is well encrypted en route. This helps Google to keep its customers safe on their applications, such as Gmail and Google Apps.With Google Cloud, your applications and data can also take advantage of the same security model as Google.
  • 05. Performance –
    Google Cloud guarantees better performance than other platforms. It offers lesser wait time, minimal errors, and no spikes.
Google cloud


Choosing the right cloud platform is a very important decision for a company. When it comes to Google Cloud Hosting and utilizing Google Cloud Platform, there are a lot of advantages.

It offers much cheaper services, quick collaboration, top-notch security, and better user control. At the same time, it is one of the largest networks in the world which leads to less latency and more accurate compute prices as data can be processed in less time.

If you are looking for a cloud service provider, leading companies like Jellyfish Technologies can provide what your business requires to grow.

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