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How The Sports Industry is Evolving With Technology

Technology has brought many opportunities and advances in the sports industry. The days when a real-time expert eye was necessary and all choices were made only by one person alone are long gone. Technology has transformed the way of judgments, reviews, engagement, and everything that can change the sports industry for its betterment.

The sports sector has experienced and will continue to witness innovative sports technologies.

Let’s take a look at the latest sports technologies and the need for digital transformation in the industry.

New sports technology

These are a few high-tech technologies that are being used by the sports industry.

  • 01. Wearable technology –
    There are various sorts of wearable devices available on the market that people use, including smartwatches and fitness trackers. Professional athletes use smartwatches that measure calories, steps covered, pulse rate, distance, heart rate, etc.Wearables linked with smartphones give advanced features that can offer much health-related information just like an electrocardiogram.
  • 02. Instant replay –
    Instant replays are the most used and popular technology in sports. The examiners can easily review the match by slowing down the video to know what happened in the game. It gives a better insight and judgment that helps in decision making.
  • It also engages the fans and audience to debate and discuss the match and decisions. Various games like cricket, soccer, baseball, and football, among others, use instant replay.
  • 03. Fantasy sports –
    Fans demand more interaction to keep them occupied while watching their favorite game for a more immersive viewing experience. Fantasy sports leagues are the best platform from where fans can develop their team and bet on their favorite player.It keeps users hooked to the game and also allows them to make their own decisions.
  • 04. Player stats/ analytics tracking –
    It’s usually a time-consuming and chaotic task to track the player stats when done manually. It does not give accurate development and the player training tends to be on imaginative stats.With the advancement of sports technology, player statistics can now be easily measured using appropriate sports analytics software. It provides accurate statistics and information about players’ progress, allowing them to train accordingly.
  • 05. HD-viewing –
    Everyone can not afford to watch the live match every single time. As a result, technology has enabled users to watch high-definition content on any device, including televisions, computers, and even mobile phones.Every moment is displayed with high-level viewing for the audience. It also increases engagement and interest in sports.
  • 06. Preventing and treating injuries –
    It’s very likely for sportsmen to get injured on the field. Most often, players are at risk to get injured. Despite that, they are always motivated to win glory in any way possible.Thanks to technology that made it possible for preventing and treating injuries. There are different sports technologies like high-tech mouthguards or models that find out the cause of the injuries.It enables the player to treat the injuries quickly so that they can be back on the field as soon as possible.

Why the sports industry needs digital transformation

Technology has transformed various organizations’ operations in terms of communication and entertainment, making it easier for consumers to obtain content based on their preferences. In addition to being cost-effective and interactive, they also engage large audiences.

If we talk about the sports industry, then it’s also going through a rapid digital transformation that has opened various opportunities for growth and success. Let’s discuss what opportunities digital transformation can provide to the sports industry.

  • Increase in content reach- People mostly prefer live streams, and the rise in OTT platforms has encouraged the audience to engage through various sources.
  • Amplified fan experience- Augmented and virtual reality have enhanced experiences.
  • Engage sponsors- According to research, 71% of the viewers prefer to watch ads that interest them. Hence, sponsors like to engage with their audience, and sports are the best way to reach them.
  • New revenue streams- Reaching the audience through various channels and innovations can help the sports industry generate new revenue.

Sports technology can be a boon to the industry if the right digital strategies are applied.


Sports technology has evolved in many different ways than we have witnessed earlier. We can see the progress, but there is still work that needs to be done to deliver the finest services in terms of growth to fans, players, and the industry in the future.

The scope of technology in the industry is high as every industry is leading towards digital channels.

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