How Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are transforming the Small and Medium Enterprises?

Nowadays Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are playing an important role in improving business for small and medium-sized companies across the globe. In this article, we will look into the transformation PWAs have caused so far in improving the businesses for SMEs. But before that, let’s have a quick overview of the Progressive Web Apps.

What is a Progressive Web App?

From the technical point of view, Progressive Web Apps are a collection of technologies, design concepts, and Web APIs that provides an app-like experience on the mobile web. They function exactly like a native app that is available on app stores.

Moreover, Progressive Web Apps collect data directly from the website, though it provides navigation and features of a typical native app. Although web apps have been available for mobile devices right from the start. But, there have been flaws like speed issues, fewer features, etc. PWAs changed the entire scenario. They provide a full-screen experience, are easy to install and it stays on the user’s home screen while in use.

Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) For Small and Medium Enterprises

Low Development Cost and Easy Maintenance

App Development and it’s maintenance for both the iOS and Android devices is a big concern for the industries. Both these processes are time taking and expensive. With the PWAs, you get a single app for the cost of two. PWA has only one codebase to be managed, this makes the development and maintenance process workable and profitable.

Smooth Offline Operations

PWAs have an effective caching mechanism that can smoothly handle the offline requests and process them without the need for internet connectivity. Hence, it lowers down the business dependency on the Internet and concentrating more on increasing performance.

Quick Installation

PWA skips the time taking installation processes via App Store/Google Play. Instead, they can be accessed through the desktop icon and have a quick downloading process. This helps in improving user interaction with the app.

No Dependency on App Distribution Services

App Distribution Services (App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store) have crucial guidelines regarding the standards of the software product. Any service that fails to meet the guidelines gets eliminated from the databases. With PWA, you don’t need any sort of approval for displaying your app on App Stores. The app can be released as soon as it is completed, resulting in an easy discovery of the app by the users.

Be Productive with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are enhancing user experiences and increasing retention rates. So far you have seen the benefits of having a progressive web app for SMEs. However, it is not only the customer’s reliability & satisfaction that adds value to businesses, enhanced security and low development costs are also some of the major features that make these apps the absolute choice for businesses. These apps are the future which is why you should consider switching to them for your business. To explore more or to create a future-proof solution to increase your business productivity, Contact Us!

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