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Transforming user data into useable knowledge that enables smarter decisions & creative business solutions.

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An online presence requires and demands creativity and innovation across the board, and digital marketing technology done right is a force to reckon with. Our integrated approach allows us to design, deliver and manage digital marketing projects that not only works – but excels. By approaching every venture with fine-tuned research, practiced delivery and reasoned evaluation, we provide a proven blueprint for insightful campaigns and impactful projects. Our flexible approach is built on the knowledge that each business is unique, and that it takes communication to implement a successful marketing strategy.

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Design & Creative

In a world increasingly driven by visual content JellyFish has been doing a phenomenal work providing thoughtful and effective design solutions for businesses – from the smallest companies to Fortune 500 biggies.

We study competition and evaluate how you can differentiate your company by tweaking your design strategies. The advantage you have with us is that we have an entire team of digital innovators already working on designing your marketing strategy. We know how this work.

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Content Creation

We are nifty with our content. We understand the market and the requirements of it. We know our space and are very accurate with our content with respect to SEO and SEM. We create content that not only is creative and innovative but useful. We offer create content marketing services that is understood easily.

We like to say things in a different way by using simple anecdotes and then twisting and turning it over its head - but keeping the audience in mind, all this while.

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Social & Influencer Marketing

We also help brands tell their story through the top industry influencers, such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. We conceptualize, develop and manage creative influencer marketing strategies to effectively spread out your brand’s story and reach millions of people worldwide.

We have a huge traction with all the leading social media marketing influencers in the country. Our ensemble is attractive. And we will ensure that you get the engagement you want, regardless of what your product is. Whatever the product, chances are we will have the influence to back it.

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Reputation Management

We scrutinize reputation, both above and below the surface. By providing an estimate on success factors, we provide recommendations to move forward. Our experienced online reputation management services team builds a positive reputation for your business, irrespective of who is searching for your company online.

We create and highlight positive content and push down not-so-positive content so you can control what people see when they search for your brand online.

SEO,SEM and social media marketing


With expertise in both technical on page SEO and link building, we provide a transparent, results focused search engine optimization service. Our SEO and SEM techniques not only opens up your products and services to new customers, but it also puts your business in front of the widest possible audience.

We deliver useful elements like comprehensive site audits, content optimization, tailored reporting and analysis, Search opportunity analysis and social search strategy.

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Media buying and Planning

By involving in media buying and planning, JellyFish helps its clients get the best ad spaces at the most competitive prices and, we help you make the best use of those ad spaces. From campaign planning, which ensures success and sustainability, we identify your target audience and plan the best route to attain them.

We use a blend of in-house tracking and external advertising technology to analyze and add value to your brand. We ensure that your brand gets the best creative representation possible, thus optimizing every ad impression.