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The Futuristic Trends in Internet of Things (IoT)

Currently, the much-hyped and futuristic technology is considered to be the Internet of Things (IoT), as it has transformed the way business applications operate. IoT is now being integrated with the data analytics software and AI applications to help in growing the brand value and overall revenue. Researchers predict that there will be more than 30 million IoT enabled devices in the upcoming days. IoT is quickly becoming a crucial disruptive technology. IoT brings life to the devices & equipment and assists the predictive & schedules maintenance and data gathering. Let us explore some fascinating upcoming trends of IoT:

Big Data Convergence

For handling the large scale information and performing data operations, bigger data platforms are required. These platforms are ongoing and will be upcoming IoT trend with advanced features giving the following advantages:

Increased ROI for the Business
With the combination of IoT and big data, industries are putting in values by drawing out the maximum particulars from the gathered information in order to receive improved business insights.

Redefined eHealth System
Big data helps in having a data-driven approach whereas, IoT manages and analyzes various connections between sensors and existing big data. The healthcare field has been majorly benefitted from the IoT and Big data combined solutions. These solutions have helped in getting an exact, deep and clear confirmation, as well as an understanding of the disease, resulting in an accurate and better way of treatment of the illness.

Benefitting the Manufacturing Companies
Installing IoT sensors within the manufacturing devices can help in gathering a significant amount of operational data on the machines. This results in having a deeper look at the business performance and requirements that can increase business productivity. It skips the unnecessary downtime and replacement costs of the tools that helps in saving cost.

Data Processing Using Edge Computing

Edge computing analyzes the data collected from the IoT devices right at the edge of the network i.e. at the area where the data is generated before being transmitted to the cloud or various databases. By doing this, the industries can easily examine and resolve critical information in real-time. According to IDC, By 2020, the expenditure on the infrastructure will rise to 18% of the total IoT infrastructure expenditure. Edge computing offers intelligence, processing power and communication capabilities of an edge gateway directly into the IoT devices. Some of the advantages of edge computing in IoT:

  • Increased data security
  • Better app performance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • High scalability
  • Improved business efficiency and reliability

Featured Smart Mirrors

Smart Mirrors are the latest trending technology that will be empowering the future of IoT. It has numerous features to offers such as easy access to calendars, weather updates, news, social media, and customizations according to the requirements. They are cost-effective with attractive and simple technical features.

The emergence of Smart Cities

The IoT enabled solutions to smart cities will ease the life of citizens, upgrade the quality of living, decrease traffic congestion, unlock sustainable development, and will improve safety areas. Some of the major cities are taking advantage of IoT solutions to link utilities, traffic lights, and even the parking meters.

Decentralization efforts using Blockchain

Blockchain follows a distributed ledger system that is cryptographically secure. It allows the information to be transmitted in a secure way between different parties. Since the traditional IoT solutions involved centralized structure, the network was prone to hacking. With the integration of blockchain to the IoT enabled devices, data storage and security will be much easier via the decentralized architecture. It includes a token that creates a secure marketplace for users who can share their information with the providers. Some benefits of the blockchain solution are:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Accelerate Data Exchanges
  • Scaled Security for IoT

Flexible Displays

Flexible displays are not the latest technology but it has surely set a benchmark over time and its importance to other enterprises has been increased. These displays are the technology that creates electronic circuits on the flexible plastic pieces making them stretchable and bendable. Some of the benefits:

  • These are very lightweight as they are created using plastics instead of glass
  • They are stretchable, hence it cannot be broken while bending and folding

Artificial Intelligence

With the increasing proportions and complications in the IoT network, it will become highly essential to take benefit from the in-demand technologies like AI and Machine Learning. The primary task of an AI solution within an IoT ecosystem is to train the machine learning algorithms to spot any irregularity in the flowing data. By this, areas of efficiency can be improved and an early alert of an upcoming issue can be handled. AI helps in maintaining the security of the IoT network via automated threat detection solutions.

Involvement of 5G networks in IoT

The Internet of Things is immensely dependent on the speed and 24*7 availability of the data services. Even today, there are several regions where there is no advancement in technologies and technological reach is almost close to zero. With the 5G connected mobile devices, there will be more speed & security and the radar of the IoT projects would be broadened. The ongoing technologies like self-driven and autonomous cars and public automobiles will be upgraded through the availability of increased bandwidth.


These IoT trends are creating the future of advancements that will take over the organizations. It will be increasing the quality of living, enhancing operations, providing better services rendered to citizens, offering systematic management with security and feasibility. To keep up with the trends of the in-demand technologies, Jellyfish Technologies is the IoT development company having rich experience in developing quality IoT products. We offer a team of highly expert and skilled designers and engineers who efficiently converts the client’s ideas into successful and reliable IoT products. If you are looking out for an IoT development company that can identify your needs and utilize them in creating a brand value for you. Contact Us

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