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Some Revolutionary Changes Technology Has Brought To Transport Industry

As the global demand for Transportation Services is continuously evolving, the industries are keeping themselves updated with the logistic trends and customer expectations to enhance their services. There also exist some concerns like transparency, real-time tracking, theft of goods, unexpected and unaccounted delays in the supply chain, etc that have created an alarming situation for the respective enterprises. These challenges directly affect the company’s revenue.

With the emergence of technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, it has become quite easy for the organizations and the stakeholders to detect such issues, optimize their operations and create a customer-driven supply chain. The Transportation industries are highly benefitting from the growing technologies and will continue to dominate in the coming future.

Let us have a look into some fascinating technological advancements that have changed the transportation services:

Real-Time Tracking and Tracing of Shipment

“Visibility” is the biggest challenge faced during the Shipment of Supply Chain Management. This has been overcome by the improved trucking management platform. These platforms have empowered the enterprises with proper equipped tools that can monitor the real-time location of the vehicle along with the productivity of the drivers. IoT devices have transformed supply chain management. They are an effective way to track and authenticate the goods and shipments using GPS and other technologies. IoT devices also improve quality management by monitoring the storage conditions of products throughout the entire supply chain process.

IoT devices use sensors to measure certain parameters of the world around them which include the location, temperature, humidity, light levels, mobility and its speed, management, and various other environmental factors. They are available in several form factors including RFID chips, smart devices, and mobile sensors. By this, it has become hassle-free to understand the location of products, how they are being stored and managed and their estimated delivery at a specific location.

Improved Delay Prediction and Resolution

The Advanced Transportation Management Platforms help the delivery vehicles in avoiding traffic jams by continuously optimizing the routes in real-time. Based on the previous data, these platforms plan the most suitable and safe routes that don’t include any sort of delays or congestion. If under any circumstances, a shipment exceeds a set threshold of reaching a destination, it will quickly send alert notifications to certain authorities that will take immediate action. Such cases enhance the ability to take the right decisions at the right moment and also the chances for mishappenings are decreased.

Automated Warehouses

Predicting the number of supplies and goods in advance is the most crucial business need that affects productivity and brand value. Having a shortage in the inventory results in lower sales, bad revenue and unsatisfied customers. With the most popular technology “Artificial Intelligence” being implemented in the transportation industry, the scenario of warehousing operations like collecting data, inventory processes, etc have been completely changed. AI has discarded the monotonous tasks and helped in predicting the demand for particular products and about a certain product shortage. By this, orders are now immediately modified according to the stock availability resulting in the optimization of inventories, improved services, and reduced transportation costs.

Prediction of Vehicle Breakdowns

The other most in-demand technology “Machine Learning” benefits the transportation industries by determining the “Health of the Vehicle” for example, the performance of the vehicle parts in a specific time and situation. There are sensors inbuilt in the vehicles, that keep monitoring the engine’s parameters. Such sensors, under critical situations, warns the vehicle owners about the potential breakdowns and send alerts regarding the nearest service centers. Moreover, these sensors help in real-time weather detection.

Ensuring Highly Secure Routes

In manufacturing industries, the truckers travel to locations that are a thousand kilometers far and isolated with poor connectivity, to safely deliver the goods or raw materials. Such locations are highly vulnerable to theft and crimes.

Machine Learning integration to the trucking management platforms has brought fascinating improvements. Based on previously recorded data, ML solutions easily detect the unscheduled halts in specific routes (routes that are prone to theft) and triggers notifications every time a vehicle exceeds tit’s given halt time at any location. This helps in discarding the chances of theft and saving the company from loss.

Summing Up

For upgrading as a Business, adaptability with the emerging technologies is a must to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

The fusion of your ideas with these innovations can surely:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Cost and Time Efficiency

To have the best outcomes, you need a technology partner that can understand your needs and have good command over the agile methodologies and technologies. We are here to serve you with the exceptional end to end solutions that can give you long term excellent results.

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