Using Technology To Resolve The Challenges Associated With Bottled Drinking Water


About The Client

Vyykn aims to end our eternal addiction of bottled water along with the health & environmental challenges associated with it by offering a subscription refill service, which allows its customers to fill up on oxygenated and filtered water for a nominal annual fee. Presently operational in 5 countries, Vyykn has won a plethora of awards including the ever prestigious ‘Edison Awards’ & ‘The Clean Tech Open’.

.business situation

Technology being the backbone of most start-ups these days, comes with its unique challenges & risks. The extensive demand to be agile and be competitive at the same time, often throws a start-up off kilter – which was the situation with Vyykn. Having a robust IT infrastructure to support the distribution of clean & healthy drinking water along with tracking user consumption details was what Vyykn required to grab that window of opportunity and to build a competitive edge in the market.

The challenge was to develop & integrate technology in a manner that streamlined the platform’s usability to multiple parties, and ensured a continuous operational flow. It was requisite to keep the infrastructure & implementation simple, uncluttered and yet effective while eliminate the risks of omission, errors and exposures. The team at Jellyfish was looking to build a connected and robust platform that would be easily scalable, work in real time, and is highly intuitive.

.The “V-I-A” Approach


Jellyfish started with a complete visualization of Vyykn’s IT landscape, with an objective to develop an integrated and modernized system by leveraging advanced technologies and applications. It also aimed for an optimized onsite-offshore model to help maximize the potential of all of Vyykn’s technological capabilities.


For this IT transformation initiative, Jellyfish with its superior infrastructure and application management capabilities, proven consulting and technological expertise, and rich industry experience, helped Vyykn formulate a blueprint of IT systems consolidation which would optimize costs and improve efficiency. We also advised on developing the platform module-by-module the use of technologies best suited to build this system.


Jellyfish was required to build the complete management platform for Vyykn right from scratch. We started by distributing the entire development cycle into smaller & simpler modules like Subscription Management, RFID Integration, User Profiling & Management, Application Dashboard, Integrating Payment Gateways, Incentive Program Management, Mobile Application APIs, Fitbit Integration etc.

.how we did what we do best!

By using an open source web application framework like Grails, JellyFish provided Vyykn with a stand-alone development environment. We used Java to provide a complete development mode – including a web server and automatic reload of resources. With the help of Ajax, Jellyfish created an interactive, faster and more intuitive web app for the users. To keep a track of the entire development cycle being executed in phases, we used GIT to speed data integrity and to support distributed, non-linear workflows. MySQL database was used to create, access, manage, search and replicate the data being collected from various sources.

With these technologies, Jellyfish built, integrated & migrated business critical applications with zero commotion and in record time. Our unique work flow & processes provided enhanced flexibility and responsiveness allowing Vyykn to alter service needs according to the baseline modifications and changing technology usage. Moreover, round-the-clock responsiveness ensured the performance of services on time. Vyykn was now able to implement future-ready technology in its product and launch in the market with a unique offering, causing disruption in the packaged & bottled water industry.