Why Business Process Automation (BPA) Is Important For Your Organization?

According to research by TechRepublic and Businesswire, nearly 60% of all business processes could be automated by 2022. In addition, 85% of IT leaders consider Automation as a key to their company’s productive digital plans, according to research by Redwood Software and Sapio.

What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Business Process Automation allows enterprises in simplifying complex business operations to increase the quality of the services, enforce accountability, enhance productivity, and reduce their overall operational costs. BPA focuses on automating the tasks, then fine-tuning them and then optimizing them for having better outputs.

Approval Management, Employee Onboarding, Customer Support, Evaluation of Examinations, etc are some of the examples of business process automation. Banking, Finance, Insurance, Education, Sales, Marketing are some of the domains which are reaping the rewards of business process automation.

With BPA, you can automate your business operations from the stockroom to marketing to shipping and receiving; in order to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. In addition, You can also put the redundancy of your business aside while enhancing consistency.

Why should you Automate Business Processes?

In the technology-driven world, software industries have reached a certain level of global utilization and availability. Every industry is now moving to automation in order to stay ahead of their competitors. We have brought some of the reasons/benefits for choosing automation over a traditional approach:

  1. Better Allocation of the WorkforceAutomation allows you to gather all the key parameters of the workflow into a single dashboard. It helps in creating a proper vision over the processes happening in their current stage, taking the necessary decisions and give clear responses to the stakeholders accordingly. It further eliminates the monotonous and time-consuming tasks by which the employees can concentrate more on customer needs and revenue-generating activities.
  2. Reduced Manual Errors & Speedy Time to DeliveryAutomation discards the chances of human errors in the business workflow. It overtakes the paper-based tasks, administrative and manual tasks that include collecting signatures, document transfers, processing of the paperwork, etc that are time-consuming. Automation centralizes the tasks resulting in cost-effective, time consuming, reliable and better time to deliver the products.
  3. Better and Deeper Insights into the Business ProcessWith automation, the organization gets better insights into their collected data, to enhance productivity and helping the employees in dealing with high-level tasks. It provides easy detection of the problems that are not possible in manual checking. By this, the industries can further focus on fulfilling the client’s needs, building strong relationships and even working on other major projects.

Want To Automate Your Business? Jellyfish Technologies Has You Covered.

We help clients in creating business-specific procedures to achieve intelligent digital operations, across the globe. These services are dependent on Artificial Intelligence and provide deeper analytics to help deliver high-quality tasks in a cost-effective and authentic way. With our hands-on diverse business verticals and a team of skilled IT experts, we create effective solutions to increase productivity and value. Patronum, Resume Surgery, and Jobulo are business automation and productivity domain applications developed by us. We offer:

  • Mapping end-to-end workflow
  • Detecting the workflow requirements and fragilities
  • Designing template designs for better workflows
  • Integration with current infrastructure
  • BPA quality management and support
  • On-site project management and deployment
  • Customized Solutions For Every Business Process

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